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White Coat Ceremony

ImageGiddy with an overstretched smile across my face, flustered by forgetting my only two guest tickets, feeling immensely lucky to have such an amazing family…all these described my sentiments as I lined up to walk into the auditorium during my class’s White Coat Ceremony. This day was as much for my family as it is for me.When I ran into my parents out of the elevator, my mom acted like she hadn’t seen me in years…I had just moved out 4 days ago. She said, “Oh look at our little daughter, so beautiful” and she was already getting a little teary. I was getting teary too! It felt like college graduation. My dad was pretty happy as well and didn’t get mad at me for scratching his beloved car..(I felt terrible about that…First I backed up my mom’s car into his. A few days later, I tried to park close to a fence which scraped my dad’s car several inches. I felt miserable knowing that I made my dad’s possession look so terrible and had turned his car into something he’s not proud of.) My little brother came too. I think he felt out-of-place, but I’m glad he got to see medical school and hopefully it motivates him to try his best in his studies.ImageThis was as we were walking up on the stage. I was so excited! I could have just spazzed and squealed if no one cared. I feel like I have a lot of energy compared to most of my classmates. But, no  longer am I an attention seeker, or a character in the crowd. When I was younger, I always wanted to stand out, but now I’m much more content and comfortable being one of those “awesome people you discover” rather than the loud, silly one everyone knows of.

I couldn’t stop smiling…but inside I was disappointed in myself and embarrassed because I had forgotten my two tickets for my parents…(later I also forgot my leftovers I desperately wanted at a photo-stop). I just felt like I couldn’t do anything properly. It was my white coat ceremony and I forgot my tickets for my parents…typical. I’m going to prepared properly everyday and avoid rushing.

The biggest theme for me was stepping up as a professional. As a medical student and future doctor, I’m someone who the public trusts, someone who meets people at their most vulnerable times, and someone who has to have both competence and confidence….and yet I still do stupid things like forgetting tickets! How am I ever going to be a true professional -__-

On the other hand, things that I’m proud of: I got my coat altered immediately so it would be ready for the ceremony, was social throughout orientation, started medical school eating healthy and exercising, focused and placed myself in a good mindset during lectures, and got my room organized the night I moved in!

ImageThis is my family! Don’t we all have nice, big smiles =) ?!

Hardcore classes start next week…Geronimo.