Pranayama Lifestyle


Pranayama means “extension of breath” or “extension of the life force.” In yoga, we practice this concept through our breathing technique.  The breath is a series of three events: inhaling, holding, and exhaling. Simple, yet by improving our breath, we improve our life. Our inhale rejuvenates our body. The energetic act of holding is the turning point when anticipation becomes action. A controlled, quiet exhale, which only flickers a candlelight, gives us the strength to persevere. I see all my endeavors as ways to increase pranayama, my life force.  This blog depicts my funny lifestyle and experiences.

Now for a more straight forward introduction:

Hello! My name is Geraldine and I’ll be first-year medical student in San Francisco (Fall 2012). I’ve lived in California my whole life and love it. However, traveling and immersing myself in new cultures is one of passions. I am Vietnamese-American, grew up with fish sauce, and love all the bean desserts. I am a musician, playing the piano since I was 10. I am an artist; painting is my form of reflection. My camera is my means to inspire others. I am a runner. I participate in long distance running events including marathons. I’m an intermediate yogi and appreciate how the practice teaches you to combine energy with stillness. I’m not proud of this…but I love unique clothes. I love handbags. My closet is too small. However, living as a Buddhist helps me to focus on the most important aspects of life, to  heal after troubled times, and to help others through their stormy seas.

So on this blog, you’ll find pieces on art, Buddhism, medical school,  photography, music, fitness & yoga, personal style, and just my unique way of navigating life and gaining knowledge on as many fronts as possible.  For I desire to relate with lots of people, and I believe I can achieve this through gaining experience in many areas. Come, we’ll learn together.


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