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bold orange


bold orange

I’ve always wanted to wear this bright orange top I found in my mom’s pile of long-forgotten clothes. Today was my first day going out with it! Usually I back out of wearing it because the color is so bold and the cut isn’t super flattering on me. The shoulders are a little too square and boxy cuts may emphasize my petite stature. However, I’ve doing summer session at a community college, and I really don’t care how I look. I use these opportunities to try new outfits and play with styles rather than just wear sweatpants to class.
What I’m wearing:
• ’80’s silk top (shoulder pads removed thank god)
• Frenchi drawstring skirt
• Frye boots (my favorite go-anywhere shoe)
• Fendi tortoise-shell sunglasses
Hope you enjoy this look and remember to be crazy and adventurous when you’re in a setting with nothing to lose!


2 thoughts on “bold orange

  1. it’s not easy to make orange look this chic, you pull it off amazingly!
    love the outfit 🙂

  2. Thanks girls! It’s quite comfy and forgiving since it’s a shift cut. I think I’ll wear it again =)

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